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Phyllis Schlafly Anti-Feminist Quotes

Phyllis Schlafly Anti-Feminist Quotes Phyllis Schlafly was maybe generally celebrated for her fruitful activation against the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution during the 1970s.  She is frequently connected with the reaction against the alleged second rush of woman's rights.  Before that, she was dynamic in the traditionalist wing of the Republican party, and she stayed dynamic on numerous preservationist issues. See likewise: life story of Phyllis Schlafly About the ERA Period implies premature birth financing, implies gay benefits, implies whatever else.  1999 About Feminism The call of womens freedom jumps out from the way of life areas of papers and the pages of smooth magazines, from radio speakers and TV screens. Cut free from past examples of conduct and desires, ladies of any age are scanning for their personality the school lady who has new options pushed onto her by means of womens considers courses, the young lady whose routine is broken by an opportunity experience with an awareness raising meeting, the lady in her center years who unexpectedly ends up in the a feeling of emptiness after the last kid left home, the lady of all ages whose darling or lifetime accomplice leaves for greener fields (and a more youthful harvest).  1977 The womens liberationist... is detained by her own negative perspective on herself and of her place on the planet around her.... Somebody - it isn't clear who, maybe God, maybe the Establishment, maybe a scheme of rascals pigs - managed ladies a foul pass up making them female. It gets essential, in this manner, for ladies to shake and exhibit and throw requests on society so as to wrest from a severe male-ruled social structure the status that has been illegitimately denied to ladies as the centuries progressed. 1977 Encounter replaces participation as the watchword everything being equal. Ladies and men become enemies rather than partners.... Inside the limits of the womens liberationist philosophy, subsequently, the nullification of this superseding imbalance of ladies turns into the essential objective. 1977 Furthermore, the primary instruction of women's liberation is: I am lady; thou shalt not endure peculiar divine beings who affirm that ladies have capacities or regularly pick jobs that are unique in relation to mens. Women's liberation is destined to disappointment since it depends on an endeavor to nullify and rebuild human instinct. â€Å"The women's activist development instructed ladies to consider themselves to be survivors of an abusive patriarchy.... Deliberate victimhood isn't a formula for happiness.† The Womens Lib development has fixed its own fate by intentionally sticking around its own neck the gooney bird of premature birth, lesbianism, sex entertainment and Federal control. News streak: one explanation a lady persuades wedded is to be upheld by her better half while thinking about her youngsters at home. Insofar as her significant other acquires a decent salary, she doesnt care about the compensation hole between them. Portraying women's activists: Someone, it isn't clear who, maybe God, managed ladies a foul pass up making them female. Men should quit rewarding women's activists like women, and rather treat them like the men they state they need to be. Another senselessness of the womens liberationists is their frantic want to constrain all ladies to acknowledge the title Ms instead of Miss or Mrs. On the off chance that Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan need to call themselves Ms so as to hide their conjugal status, their desires ought to be regarded. In any case, most wedded ladies feel they buckled down for the r in their names; and they dont care to be unwarrantedly denied of it... 1977 Womens Nature Without womans natural maternal impulse, mankind would have ceased to exist hundreds of years ago....The abrogating mental need of a lady is to cherish something alive. A child satisfies this need in the lives of most ladies. In the event that an infant isn't accessible to fill that need, ladies look for an infant substitute. This is the motivation behind why ladies have generally gone into educating and nursing professions. They are doing what falls into place without a hitch for the female mind. The schoolchild or the patient of all ages gives an outlet to a lady to communicate her common maternal need. 1977 Men are thinkers, ladies are down to earth, and twas ever along these lines. Men may philosophize about how life started and where we are going; ladies are worried about taking care of the children today. No lady could ever, as Karl Marx spent, years perusing political way of thinking in the British Museum while her kid starved to death. Ladies dont take normally to a quest for the elusive and the theoretical.  1977 Where man is desultory, coherent, conceptual, or philosophical, lady will in general be enthusiastic, individual, down to earth, or enchanted. Each arrangement of characteristics is crucial and supplements the other. 1977 About Women and the Military Placing ladies in military battle is the bleeding edge of the women's activist objective to compel us into a male/female society. No nation in history at any point sent moms of little children off to battle aggressors until the United States did this in the Iraq war. Each nation that has explored different avenues regarding ladies in real battle has relinquished the thought, and the idea that Israel utilizes ladies in battle is a women's activist legend. A significant part of the interest for ladies in battle originates from female officials who are enthusiastic for awards and advancements. The reason for our military is to handle the best soldiers conceivable to guard our country and win wars. The objective of women's activists be that as it may, is to force a thoughtless uniformity, paying little mind to what number of individuals it harms. 2016 About Sex and Sexuality On the off chance that man is focused as the foe, and a definitive objective of womens freedom is autonomy from men and the shirking of pregnancy and its results, at that point lesbianism is intelligently the most noteworthy structure in the custom of womens freedom. 1977 Sex instruction classes resemble in-home deals parties for premature births. Concerning why condoms ought not be accessible to youthful women: Its exceptionally solid for a little youngster to be dissuaded from wantonness by dread of getting an excruciating, hopeless illness, or cervical malignant growth, or sterility, or the probability of bringing forth a dead, visually impaired or mind harm [sic]â baby (even after ten years when she might be cheerfully hitched). â€Å"How did the court feel engaged to set new caps for the settled law of Meyer-Pierce and enable government funded schools to abrogate guardians on instructing about sex? Basic. The three liberal appointed authorities put together their choice with respect to our developing comprehension of the idea of our Constitution.  2012 About Transgender Issues Anybody with a youngster realizes that kids find out about the world through paired choices: up or down, hot or chilly, large or little, inside or outside, wet or dry, positive or negative, kid or young lady, man or lady. However, the extreme women's activists, who staff womens considers offices all things considered universities, have spread the possibility that we need to dispose of the sex paired alongside the desire for particular jobs for people. About Sexual Harassment Lewd behavior at work isn't an issue for temperate ladies. About the Republican Party [F]rom 1936 through 1960 the Republican presidential chosen one was chosen by a little gathering of mystery kingmakers who are the most prominent sentiment producers on the planet. 1964 About International Issues It ought to be evident that training Americans we are presently part of a worldwide economy and instructing schoolchildren they are residents of the world is a beguiling message to con us into an arrangement to include the poor nations around the Earth to our rundown of government assistance gift beneficiaries. 2013 About the United Nations: We absolutely dont need a board of trustees of outsiders who call themselves specialists to direct our laws or customs.  2012 It is a riddle why any Americans would bolster the idea of the EU. About Multiculturalism, Diversity, Race, Immigrants The United States is the universes most staggering case of a country that has serenely and effectively acclimatized individuals from numerous different societies. So for what reason are a few people attempting to isolate us into groups, underlining what separates us rather than what joins us? 1995 You cannot be an American in the event that you dont communicate in English. Our government funded schools ought to be ordered to show all kids in English. The most risky zone where our laws are not being steadfastly executed are the laws intended to ensure Americans against the a huge number of outsiders who enter our nation illicitly consistently. How might we ensure country security except if the administration stops the intrusion of displaced people? Birth on U.S. domain has never been an outright case to citizenship. In a universe of barbarism, war and fear based oppression, American citizenship is an extremely valuable belonging. Its not the physical area of birth that characterizes citizenship, yet whether your folks are residents, and the express or suggested agree to locale of the sovereign. About Climate Change Obviously, atmosphere changes. Numerous progressions are because of variables over which people have no control, for example, winds, sea flows and sun movement. Yet, the nonconformists need us to accept that environmental change is likewise brought about by gases removed when people consume alleged fossil fuels.â â 2011 About the Family â€Å"The American family unit made America extraordinary, yet few are presently safeguarding it against powers resolved to pulverize it. On the off chance that America keeps on having numerous outsiders with various family types, we are less inclined to keep up American estimations of individual flexibility, independence, and restricted government.†Ã¢ 2014 What I am shielding is the genuine privileges of ladies. A lady ought to reserve the option to be in the home as a spouse and mother. Individuals believe that youngster bolster requirement benefits kids, yet it doesnt.

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Neuroendocrine Tumor (NETs)

Goole doesnt care Essay The reviewer calls to talk about the self destruction of Eva Smith/Daisy Renton, many average workers individuals utilized numerous names in those occasions, this was on the grounds that it is simpler to land positions. Every individual from the family had something to do with her self destruction; it is unwound as the play goes on. The controller needs to discover a chain of proof to make them blameworthy. Despite the fact that nobody can be to be faulted legitimately for a self destruction, anyway they can be ethically blameworthy. Birling sits the reviewer down and offers him a glass of port, however he doesnt acknowledge any cordiality from him. Besides Birling attempts to dazzle the auditor by revealing to him that he was a councilman and a judge, yet Goole doesnt care. The monitor proceeds to disclose what happened to Eva Smith. Shed gulped a great deal of disinfectant. Consumed her back to front. Preistley depicts a horrendous picture of the young ladies demise to cause the crowd to feel contrite and forlorn. He additionally portrays her as quite, energetic, huge dull eyes, and delicate earthy colored hair. The reviewer begins to address Mr Birling over the passing. In the wake of seeing a photo of Eva, He confesses to sacking her for setting up a strike to get marginally higher wages. He figures he made the best choice, and he says that he paid his laborers the standard rates, and he couldnt see that he had any obligation regarding what befallen her a short time later. Be that as it may, Priestley thinks in an unexpected way, as he appears by what the investigators says; what befell her at that point may have figured out what befallen her subsequently, and whatever happened to her a while later may have driven her to self destruction. Birling is an extremely unfeeling man; he shows no regret for what occurred. The following individual to be met is Shelia who is a pretty young lady in her mid twenties, is extremely satisfied with life and very energized. The assessor uncovers that Eva fortunately got a new line of work at Milwards, he proceeds to state that she again was sacked. Shelia (feeling upset) starts to understand that she was at fault. She began to clarify that she was taking a gander at herself in the mirror when she got Eva grinning at the associate such that she discovered hostile. Shelia was incensed and told the director that on the off chance that he didnt sack her, Mrs Birling would close the record with them. In contrast to Birling, Shelia acknowledged that she wasn't right and felt frustrated about what she did. Clearly she laments what she finished with respect to Eva guaranteeing that, on the off chance that I could help her now I would. This causes you to feel less outrage for Sheila who currently feels frightfully remorseful for Eva and has now been rebuffed seriously just by knowing the results of her activities. The auditor had now gotten done with Shelia. It was Geralds turn in the request for how the occasions occurred. After a misconception among Gerald and Shelia, he conceded he knew Daisy Renton. Also, after Gerald sitting in and tuning in to the dreadful thing Shelia had done, she was currently resolved to discover how he had an impact in this experience. Gerald had met Daisy at the nearby assortment theater known as the frequent of whores. He portrayed her as looking youthful, new, and beguiling. Gerald before long experienced passionate feelings for her and when he discovered she didnt have a penny in her possession: he let her stay in his companions level. Gerald frequently visited her and gave her a great deal of joy, he before long finished the undertaking, as he needed to leave on business, he had given her cash to get her out for a couple of months. Eva was clearly vexed inside as Gerald gave her a real existence she would never have. Gerald takes a stroll to get over the updates on Daisys passing, while Mrs Sybil Birling has denied knowing Eva in the wake of being demonstrated a photo of her. She is depicted as being forty years of age, a somewhat cool lady and her spouses social predominant. Mrs B will be met out of succession of occasions, since Priestley needs to show what a self-important imbecile she is. The controller has established a major connection with Shelia, who is presently acting like him by summarizing the chain of occasions, and disclosing to Mrs B that there is no point concealing everything. Mrs B at long last concedes that she known Eva, who went to the Brumley womens noble cause association for help, as she was pregnant. Mrs B was the director and dismissed some assistance for the young lady, in light of the fact that Eva utilized the name Birling which Mrs B wasnt content with. She didnt show any blame and said that the dad was altogether to fault. Mrs B censures her child Eric, as he is the dad of the kid, he should be managed harshly. No lament is felt and it appears that she is absolutely unaffected by the entire occurrence, possibly caring when she finds that her own child is included. Sybil is extremely belittling and considers herself to be socially better than those of a lower class. She at last understands that Eric was the dad and is stunned, Eric has shown up, and the crowd is left in tension as the scene closes. Everybody is gazing at Eric, the investigator asks him an inquiry and he recounts to the account of his contribution with Eva. He had met her at a similar bar as Gerald and had become inebriated and returned her to the lodgings. Eva didnt truly need him to come in however he was going to begin a line, so she let him in and they had intercourse. This got visit. It was easygoing for Eric and Eva engaging in sexual relations however Gerald and Evas relationship had emotions. Eva got pregnant and they didnt need marriage, as they didnt love one another, so Eric demanded giving her cash to support her. She quit tolerating it as she understood it was taken. Eric had conceded taking à ¯Ã¢ ¿Ã¢ ½50 from his dads office. This was a great deal of cash in those occasions and his folks were angered. The controller closes his encounter with Priestleys message: we dont live alone. We are individuals from one body. We are liable for one another. What's more, I disclose to you that the opportunity will before long come when, on the off chance that men won't discover that exercise, at that point they will be educated in fire, blood, and anguish. The reviewer leaves. Priestleys is stating that in the event that we dont care about everybody in the public arena, at that point it will wind up in struggle and war. Priestley additionally recommends that the more seasoned age wont change, however the more youthful age acknowledge that there should be a change. After he has left, the family start to think about the results. Mr and Mrs B are just worried about their picture and are censuring their kids for everything. They begin to ponder whether he truly was an auditor, Birling and Sybil get energized as they might suspect it has a significant effect, however Sheila and Eric comprehend that they are altogether ethically liable for Eva and that it doesnt matter who the man was. Gerald returns, and is sure that the man wasnt a cop. Just to ensure, Birling telephones the police power and affirms that wasnt a monitor Goole. Eric still shows coerce alongside Sheila yet the others are not having any of it, they are disregarding the way that they are managing a dead young lady. Gerald is attempting to escape the blame by accepting that Goole had indicated them various photos (which is preposterous) and that the young lady was not dead, and regardless of whether the young lady didnt kick the bucket they despite everything fouled up. Gerald telephones the hospital to see, and he is informed that there hasnt been a self destruction there for a considerable length of time. The guardians and Gerald conclude that they need to celebrate and accept they are on the whole presently free and clear, while Eric and Sheila keep up that nothing has changed regardless of whether the young lady wasnt dead. Another message from holy came out from Shelia: Everything we said happened truly had occurred. On the off chance that it didnt end grievously, at that point that is fortunate for us. In any case, it may have done. Birling hasnt got it together; they think its a joke. However the phone rings strongly. Mr Birling answers it, at that point tells the family that it was the police, he says a young lady has ended it all and is en route to the clinic, and that a controller is headed to pose a few inquiries. They gaze culpably and stunned. The entire situation begins once more. All in all, I imagine that the individual to accuse most is Sybil Birling. She was narrow minded and relentless leaving Eva to abandon herself. Eva had that smidgen of expectation left setting off to the association, however Mrs B dismisses her assistance. Perhaps Arthur had activated it off yet Mrs B could have sifted through things out in the event that she comprehended why Eva had utilized the name Birling. What causes you to feel more outrage for Sybil is that she thinks it wasnt her issue by any means: she had no blame at all. In spite of the fact that I figure it is unjustifiable to accuse just Mrs Birling totally, as each character had an impact to the passing of Eva smith. It would be progressively consistent to accuse society and the manner in which they lived in those occasions, no genuine wrongdoing was submitted, and it is increasingly an instance of social soul. I think families like the Birlings need to help others with their activities, not simply themselves.

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I saw a turkey the other day

I saw a turkey the other day… which may not be a big deal to most of you, but since I was on a run through Boston at the time, and he was chilling in someone’s driveway, I thought it warranted a mention. It’s not like there isn’t wildlife in Boston; I’ve seen my fair share of creatures, including the omnipresent canadian and white geese. (I’ve even seen these guys picketing on their behalf). One of my favorite places to run in Boston with the cross country and track team is to Jamaica Pond (part of the Boston’s Emerald Necklace, a series of connected parks/green spaces designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the Central Park guy), and the route is full of fearless packs of birds. That’s kind of a problem for my teammate Katy ‘11, who is deathly afraid of geese; prone to screaming and jumping, she adds excitement when we run to Jamaica Pond, which, as the route is also a team favorite, is often. I also see a lot of dogs, and one time I even saw a doggie school bus driving through Boston. I’m not kidding- it was early in the morning and I had just woken up to go for a run, so at the time I pegged it as a symptom of my not-inconsiderable grogginess, but on further examination (I ran up and saw canines), it was definitely a school bus for dogs. I have a whole theory about the different types of dog walkers down Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, but maybe I’ll save it for later, since I realize I’ve neglected to introduce myself. The point of this post was not actually to ramble about animals; I started writing it but got stuck on the introduction (I’m one of those people who, when writing a paper, types AWESOME INTRO HERE and then moves on to supporting paragraphs). I left the computer, went for a run, saw a turkey, and now here we are. Anyway, Hi everyone! My name is Alina. According to MIT, I’m a senior in Course 20 (Bioengineering), but I still don’t quite believe them yet (seriously, a senior? how did that happen?). As a co-captain (with Maggie!) of the varsity cross-country and member of the track team I’ve explored my fair share of the city, and I’m excited to share with you what I love about Boston, MIT, and my team. As the winner of the dubious “most likely to spam out” paper plate award for our cross-country team last year, I’ve also learned that it can be good to let others share their thoughts. To that end I plan on highlighting some of the other cool things other MIT kids are up to, including travel and study abroad. As a senior it’s been a while since I’ve had to think about things like the housing lottery and whether to take 8.01 or 8.012, etc., but somewhere between me and Kevin Bacon I can find somebody that can help you out. Although it may take me a while to track down an answer, I will try to answer your questions as best as possible, so ask away!

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Industrial Revolution Is Defined By Britannica - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 887 Downloads: 9 Date added: 2019/05/07 Category History Essay Level High school Tags: Industrial Revolution Essay Did you like this example? Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley, was a novel set in Europe written in the mid 1800s, but set in the late 1700s. Throughout this time period, Europe was undergoing drastic social and economic changes. Many of these changes were a direct result of the Industrial Revolution in Britain. This time period is often described as an era of exploration, discovery, and industrialization which pushed the limits of what the world was capable of. Within Frankenstein Victor Frankensteins life after creating the monster is a depiction of how Mary Shelley feared technological advancement without consideration of consequences, and she came to this opinion because of the effects of the Industrial Revolution on her life. She became wary of advancement simply for the sake of advancement. She forced her readers to ask themselves what price is to high to gain knowledge? Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Industrial Revolution Is Defined By Britannica" essay for you Create order The Industrial Revolution is defined by Britannica as the process of change from an agrarian and handicraft economy to one dominated by industry and machine manufacturing (Britannica). Mary Shelleys Frankenstein serves as a critique to what In the novel, Victor Frankenstein aimed to create life and nothing could stand in his way. He worked fervidly to create what he deemed as the perfect human. The summer months passed while I was thus engaged, heart and soul, in one pursuit (41). Victor drove himself to the brink of death from his relentless obsession with this creation. He became so entangled with his task that he ended up neglecting his family, his friends, his career, and any concern for his own life. This discovery of such dangerous knowledge sucked all emotion and joy from his life and only served to cause him pain. His situation continued to worsen, as his creation systematically destroyed his entire life. Everyone he had ever cared for was strangled and Victor spent the remainder of his life in constant misery. Though Victors discovery of how to create life is amazing, reason and truth are unable to exist without emotion. The introduction of advanced technology and knowledge did not only affect those that had created or possessed the technology and knowledge, but rather it created problems and raised awareness of issues among the common people in Europe which in turn led to their disapproval of the overall industrial revolution phase. Even though the continuous introduction of new machinery during the period of the Industrial Revolution generally made everyday life much easier, people didnt quite trust machines to do their jobs and most would prefer to stick to more natural methods of production. This can easily be seen within Frankenstein. When Victors monster was created it was basically a machine, created mainly for the purpose of experimentation and discovery. When the monster attempted to become a member of society, he was feared and even hated by society because of his unnatural origins. When Mary Shelley first published Frankenstein, she included a subtitle with it. That subtitle was The Modern Prometheus. Over time, the subtitles use in print shrank until it was hardly ever used, but the comparison between Frankenstein and a tale from ancient lore is one worth exploring. In classical Greek mythology, Prometheus is credited as the creator of the first humans. He shaped mankind with clay from the earth, which Athena then proceeded to breathe life into. As the creator and even father of mankind, Prometheus provided for them and equipped them with the skills necessary for survival. Prometheuss story continues when he steals the secrets of fire from the gods and gives them to man, which Zeus- the king of the gods- punished him for. He stole fire from the gods for man to encourage their growth and to enable them to thrive and discover new and amazing things. The subtitle The Modern Prometheus is juxtaposed with the primary title; Shelley compares Victor Frankenstein to the mythological father of mankind. The most obvious similarity between the two is that both characters form a living creature out of inanimate matter. Frankensteins goals are focused on creating a new species [that] would bless me as its creator and source; many happy and excellent natures would owe their being to me. No father could claim the gratitude of his child so completely as I should deserve of theirs (40). In the Romantic era, Prometheus became thought of as a symbol for modern civilization and intelligence, as well as scientific discovery. Victor also, in his early stages of growth, felt as if the world was to me was a secret which I desired to divine (22). His desire to discover the hidden secrets of the world drew him to look further than what was natural for man to create. Victor longed to go farther into the realm of scientific knowledge and to expand the potential of human development. But just like Prometheus, going past the natural limitations of what man is capable brings about consequences. Prometheus was castigated for caring for his creations too well by providing for them the necessary tools of progress. Victor, on the other hand, is revolted by his creation, and they eventually turn on each other. Victors creation of the monster is a reflection of the Industrial Revolution and a scientific era that pushed the borders of what was possible. Mary Shelley depicts a society that is forced to face a monster of their own creation.

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Overview and Significance of Zimbardo’s Prison Experiment

Overview and Significance of Zimbardo’s Prison Experiment Have you ever wondered why ordinary people do unusual things that seem alien to their natures? Why do good people sometimes act evil? Who do smart people sometimes do dumb or irrational things? Zimbardo is one of the most significant social psychologist and all his work aims to find the answers to these questions. The purpose of this paper is to go into depth on the previous prison experiment, how it came about, and how the findings play a role in society today. The Life and Times of Zimbardo Philip George Zimbardo was born in New York City on March 23, 1933. His parents originally migrated from a small town called Cammarata, about 40 miles from Palermo, Sicily. Stateside his†¦show more content†¦Eventually the prisoners started rebelling, irritating the guards purposely, and that is when the study actually began. After around three days of the guards and the prisoners going back and forth prisoner 8612 had an emotional breakdown. Originally everyone thought that he was just a weak individual but looking back at it, five other prisoners started having emotional breakdowns as well. I think this stemmed from having all their freedom, their rights taking away over night. Having to clean toilets with your bare hands, and being humiliated sexually in front of your peers. On the fifth day of the study Zimbardo invited his girlfriend to come see the experiment and when she was down there she broke down crying and left because she witnessed bags over the prisoners head as they walked to the bathroom. She said, â€Å"It’s terrible what you are doing to those boys in tears.† At first Zimbardo didn’t realize what she meant so he defended his study stating that this is the natural humanistic way but when she said â€Å"I don’t want anything to do with you if this is the real you.† He then realized what he was doing was unethical and causing real psychological harm and that moment is when he stopped his study just six days in. Reality of the Simulation This brings up the question why do â€Å"good† people do bad things? Although this was an experiment, many feel to this day that this was the real deal. Prisoners believe they lost their true identity. One prisoner stated inShow MoreRelatedEssay on Critique of Philip Zimbardos Standfard Prison Experiment1401 Words   |  6 PagesA Critique of Philip Zimbardo’s Prison Experiment â€Å"The Experiment†, an American film in 2010, was directed by Paul Scheuring, and starred by Adrian Brody, 2003 Academy Award’s Best Actor, and Forest Whitaker, a remarkable American actor and director. In the movie, an astounding experiment is conducted by a group of psychological researchers who recruit a group of volunteers to join a prison experiment for cash reward. For two weeks, twenty male participants are hired to play â€Å"prisoners† andRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pages†¢ Coping with â€Å"Temporariness† 20 †¢ Working in Networked Organizations 20 †¢ Helping Employees Balance Work–Life Conflicts 21 †¢ Creating a Positive Work Environment 22 †¢ Improving Ethical Behavior 22 Coming Attractions: Developing an OB Model 23 An Overview 23 †¢ Inputs 24 †¢ Processes 25 †¢ Outcomes 25 Summary and Implications for Managers 30 S A L Self-Assessment Library How Much Do I Know About Organizational Behavior? 4 Myth or Science? â€Å"Most Acts of Workplace Bullying Are Men Attacking Women†

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Philosophy Are Filled With Debates, Arguments, And Theories

Annals of Philosophy are filled with debates, arguments, and theories. One such argument would be that it is not possible to possess morality without the belief in a personal god. There are as many differing opinions on this subject as there are philosophers amongst us. I believe that believing in a god has nothing to do with moral awareness and action. I am not debating that there is a god, I am just concerned with whether or not it is possible to act morally without the belief in one. Just for clarification purposes, the term moral means â€Å"concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character† ( In other words, being â€Å"a person s standards of behavior or†¦show more content†¦This causes a myriad of problems. Consider that if He were to command rape or murder, these actions would become morally good and the right thing to do. First, Kant’s argument for this existence of god is explained as a person doing something because of a moral duty to do so. For example, a person who volunteers to feed the needy at a food bank. The volunteer has nothing to gain for themselves. They are not fulfilling a community service obligation as handed down by a judge, nor are they being forced to give of their time by a higher power who had promised rewards as kind of a quid pro quo agreement. Kant asserts that moral actions must be done for the sake of duty and not from any desire for personal reward or recognition. This ability to use sovereign reason, according to Kant, comes from an instinctive sense of duty communal to all rational individuals and develops goodwill. From a utilitarian point of view, the measure of good and evil of an action is calculated by the resulting pleasure or pain. Kant insisted that human beings should never be used as a means to an end, believing it violated the dignity of the person. There is also Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche believed that religion had been perverted by the practices of Christianity and Judaism, and subsequently blamed them for

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Psychological Skills Training for Snowboarding free essay sample

Psychological skills training (PST) can be used for a number of different purposes whether related to sports, exercise, or just plain psychological counseling of one’s self. Depending upon your desired outcome from a PST program your script may help with your overall health and fitness, or to overcome situations in which you feel anxiety and pressure from. People’s lack of knowledge in PST is the main reason coaches don’t feel confident when teaching this skill set to their athletes or clients. They go about the approach to coaching in a particular setting by giving a concentration cue to a player as he/she is completing the exercise or taking the final shot or swing. What we forget to realize is the player/person isn’t going to be able to react to these cues if they haven’t practiced relaxation skills for that specific situation. Another reason why sport and exercise participants neglect PST is because of their misconception they do not have enough time to practice these PST skills to enhance their performance, little do they know it takes 10-20 minutes each day to improve these skills. Every sport, or exercise program requires a unique skill to accomplish the task or competition at hand. This is why I chose snowboarding because not only is it my new found passion, but it is a very individualized sport which requires incredible focus and relaxation. Without focus and relaxation a snowboarders routine may be affected during his/her freestyle run lowering your overall score and keeping you off the podium. Many of the elite snowboarders, including Shaun White are using PST training to prepare themselves for competitions. Most recently we’ve seen this in the 2011 Winter X games where we saw Shaun White go on to become the only 4 time repeat winner of Super pipe. Without proper mental visualization, relaxation and preparation he may not have been able to repeat this year given his age and the rising skill levels of his competitors. Relaxation Script Relaxation in snowboarding is everything both before and during a competition because of the small margin of error in extreme sports. Progressive Muscle relaxation (PMR) can be used to cope with anxiety, stress, and muscle tightness all three of which play a major role in a snowboarders ability to perform and land a trick in competition. Too much arousal before competition can lead to a rushed feeling which is never good in the extreme sports world. This is why PMR can play such a critical role in effectively controlling these sensations one may feel before and during competition. In snowboarding your lower extremities and core dictate most of the movement required for a trick. This is why we will concentrate on the relaxing the feet and legs first before core, and finally the upper extremities. The morning of competition set aside 30 minutes of alone time in a dimly lit room and have no outside distractions including other people. Wear comfortable clothes which will not interrupt thought process during the relaxation exercise. Lay completely flat with your arms at your sides and relax your entire body. Starting with your toes curl them all the way in holding them in a curled position for 10 seconds before releasing them halfway and holding for an additional 10 seconds. Once you’ve held your toes in those two positions for a total of 20 seconds relax them completely allowing the tension to release. This process should take a total of 30-45 seconds. Moving on to the calf and feet muscles push your feet and toes outwards tensing your calf muscles, continue holding them in this position for 10 seconds before allowing them to release tension to half. Hold for an additional 10 seconds in this position before allowing your calves and feet to relax. Give your calves and feet a total of 20 seconds to relax. Once you’ve worked your toes, feet, and calves we will concentrate on the two largest muscles in your legs the quadriceps, and hamstrings. Laying flat on your back with your legs straightened raise your legs 6 inches from the ground and hold with tension for 10 seconds concentrating predominantly on your quads, and hamstrings. Release this tension halfway and hold for an additional 10 seconds before releasing tension completely and lowering your legs to the ground. Further relaxing for another 10-15 seconds once your legs are lying flat on the floor. There is still one final muscle to release tension which is considered part of the legs and this is your Gluteus Maximus otherwise known as your buttocks. Laying completely flat squeeze both cheeks and hold for 10 seconds before releasing tension to halfway pausing to hold for an additional 10 seconds. Once you’ve done this you can allow them to relax completely for 10-15 seconds. After you’ve completed your feet and leg exercises we will move on to the core or abdominal range. Start by tensing your abdomen and oblique’s for 10 seconds before releasing tension to halfway for an added 10 seconds. Finally release all tension in your core and lay there for a period of 10-15 seconds of relaxation. For the next exercise roll over so you are facing the ground in a pushup position. Push yourself up from the ground to the highest point in a pushup tensing the chest and shoulder muscles. Hold this position for 10 seconds before lowering yourself halfway down and pausing for another 10 seconds keeping tension in the shoulders and chest. After 10 seconds lower yourself to the ground allowing complete relaxation for 10-15 seconds. Remain lying on your chest facing the ground; tense your upper back muscles focusing on your trapezius and posterior deltoids holding for 10 seconds. Release tension half way and hold for an additional 10 seconds before allowing your trapezoids and posterior deltoids to relax completely for the final 10 seconds. Roll back over so you are lying on your back completely flat and relaxed. Tense your mid to lower back muscles for a period of 10 seconds before letting them relax intermediately for another 10 seconds. Finally release the tension so you are lying completely flat and in a relaxed state for 10-15 seconds. Next tense your neck muscles bringing your head to your right shoulder holding that position for 10 seconds before releasing half tension and holding for another 10 seconds. Once the seconds has expired return your head to a centered position for 10-15 seconds. Repeat the previous steps now concentrating on bringing your head to left shoulder. Once you’ve completed this and have returned your head to a centered position and relaxed for 15-20 seconds bring your head forward pressing your chin into your chest for 10 seconds. Release half the tension and hold for an extra 10 seconds, finally allow your head to return to its resting state for 15-20 seconds. Lastly grit your jaw muscles as if you are going to bite your tongue and hold the tension for 10 seconds before releasing the pressure halfway and holding for another 10 seconds. Loosen the muscles in your jaw so there is no further tension, once your done lay there fully relaxed. The final part of this relaxation exercise will be for you to lie there and feel the relaxation your body is experiencing after completion of the exercise. Open your eyes after 10-15 seconds and slowly bring your knees to your chest and roll on to your butt so you are in an upright position. Sit there for 20-30 seconds until you’ve regained full consciousness, once you’ve completed this step stand up slowly regaining all senses throughout the entire body. Motivational Specific (MS) For a professional snowboarder usually the end reward means winning either the X games or the Winter Olympics. Sure there are other competitions but these are the two competitions which really matter when it comes down to it with endorsements and sponsors. These always aren’t the easiest of competitions to qualify for either, so for beginners picturing themselves winning a local competition is more realistic and attainable. From there you can continue to work your way up the pro tour visualizing yourself winning the next big competition within your grasp. MS imagery is also good for visualizing the perfect run, or landing every trick you’ve included in your routine for the contest you’re competing in. Visualizing your trick routine for a snowboarder is one of his/her most important psychologically important aspects to their sport because every trick has to be precise otherwise there are serious repercussions. To start begin by visualizing the takeoff and landing of one specific trick, if your able to land this trick in reality move on. From their link other tricks from jump to jump slowly building up your routine and trick set. Once your able to link tricks together is when you will be able to compete at a professional level. For a snowboarder he/she has to train all year around which means following winter to continue to hone their skill set. Motivational General Mastery (MGM) You’re going to wreck in the sport of snowboarding and it’s something you’re going to have to get used to otherwise it’s not your sport. MGM is a great tool for snowboarding because you have to overcome so much in competitive snowboarding to become successful. You may take dead last one competition because of two minor errors and podium the next round. So for a snowboarder to overcome previous errors in competition to win is a prime example of MGM. Confidence is also a key component in Snowboarding because of the fearlessness it takes to complete some tricks required of Pro Snowboarders. So for a Snowboarder to imagining themselves gaining success builds confidence and drives their positivism so they can become mentally tough in competition. Motivational General Arousal (MGA) Arousal isn’t always the best for extreme sports but if harnessed correctly it can become a unbeatable tool. Some snowboarders choose to listen to music when going through a run because it psyches them up and because they’ve ran through the trick routine before to the same music. The music erases the fear and anxiety one might encounter when performing a trick routine because it blocks the sound of outside distractions out. Once they’ve learned to block outside distractions they can zone into the music and the terrain park or half pipe becomes like any other they’ve practiced or competed on. Cognitive Specific (CS) In snowboarding one trick may break or make the contest for a snowboarder so for them to use CS imagery to visualize the perfect take off, rotation, speed, grab, flip, and landing is a perfect analogy. Although one trick won’t win you the contest it may get you recognized because you were the first one to complete it. Some of the best snowboarders in the world invented their own tricks and wouldn’t of been able to so without first visualizing the trick happening before performing it. Because of them the sport of snowboarding has been taken to new heights in terms of difficulty and skill and the envelope continues to be pushed by new riders. Cognitive General (CG) CG is one of the most important imagery exercises because snowboarders must rehearse an entire run in their head many times before performing in competition. In most competitions riders get two runs to achieve a score, and whoever has the best score from the judges after two runs is declared the winner. You may have thought your routine would win you the contest but another snowboarder competing has a better routine than you, and you’re forced re think your entire approach on the next run. You cannot stress the importance enough how much CG plays a role in a Snowboarders pre/during competition routines. For my mental imagery script I’m going to use a Professional Snowboarder at the 2012 Vancouver Winter Olympics competing in the Super Pipe Competition. The rider will use CS to strategize their first routine for qualifying not always performing their best or most elaborate trick only concentrating on linking together a solid run which will put them past the qualifying round. They use MS to visualize qualifying so they can compete in the finals and MGA to rehearse the routine in their head to the sound of music. Not only do they visualize reaching the finals but having the spotlight on them, thousands of fans cheering, with numerous sponsors watching them compete to gain the confidence of sponsors and fans so they can be positive throughout the run. Once they’ve qualified they will again use CS to incorporate their best tricks into one trick routine to win the competition. They will again employ the same techniques aforementioned above before they physically compete in the finals. Their first run may not go as planned or another rider like I said may outshine them. The rider must re-strategize his entire run then increasing the difficulty of tricks involved in the routine again using CS. The rider uses all 5 senses before the Final to put together the perfect run to win the gold medal at the 2012 Olympics using MGA to psyche themselves up, MS to picture themselves winning, MGM to remain positive throughout the competition even when their first run didn’t go as planned. CS would be used to imagine landing every trick of the run and CG to plan all tricks included in the final routine to win them the gold medal. Goal Setting Framework Goal setting is essential in the sport of Snowboarding because it encourages riders to break records and set new standards in the professional ranks. Without goals the sport would never have progressed as fast as it has gaining acceptance as an Olympic Sport only in recent years. Setting goals helps a rider progress from one competition to the next increasing the degree of difficulty in competitions they choose to enter. Outcome, performance, and process goals are all important components in helping a rider achieve success as a professional Snowboarder. In Snowboarding most of the money a rider will make comes from their sponsors or endorsements, the competitions provide the media attention companies want for advertising which in turn pays the athletes, not the contests themselves. The goals will be made for a current professional Snowboarder once again competing with the end reward being an Olympic Gold Medal at the 2012 Vancouver games. Outcome goals: â€Å"To win the Super Pipe competition at the 2012 Winter Olympics in Vancouver† Performance/Process goals: I will increase my world ranking so there is no doubt I will not be able to compete in the 2012 Winter Olympics. I will win the US OPEN I will win the X GAMES I will podium in every contest I enter I will gain the sponsorship of a company and sign and endorsement deal to make a career out of snowboarding. Whatever is asked of me by my sponsor I would like to sign with I will do to ensure they have my full cooperation of my talents I will practice my trick routines physically and mentally to prepare myself for competition so I can perform at the highest level for my sponsors. I will work out daily so I can remain in top physical condition so when it comes time for competition I’m ready. For the outcome goal of the 2012 Winter Olympics you will set this date for the final day of competition so you know the final result on that day. The evaluation will be determined upon my placing in the Super Pipe competition. If I win I will be rewarded a medal at the ceremony following the contest. The highest reward would obviously be winning a Gold Medal at the 2012 Olympics. The performance goals will be set oriented around the dates of the competitions so you can evaluate the rider upon my final performance. The goals will be rewarded with the final outcome of the competitions; if I am to podium the end reward would obviously be placing or winning the event. Process goals will be set weekly by your manager or by yourself in regards to what is expected of you each week by your sponsor. These goals will be evaluated by your sponsor and the media because they decide whether you make the cover, video, or contest so you can rep their brand. The goals will be rewarded with compensation from your sponsor and endorsements when you succeed and meet these goals. The rewards can come in various forms in the Snowboarding Industry, new clothes, gear, cars, trophies, medals, and even acting careers. Self-Talk Self-talk is one of the most important aspects to Snowboarding because a rider must overcome fears he/she may encounter when performing a trick or a series of tricks. When a rider is to perform in a Super Pipe contest before each trick is performed they must tell themselves in order which trick to perform at the right moment in competition. These self-talk cues are to help a rider perform the tricks in the routine in which they scripted for the competition. In snowboarding I will be using self-talk to remind myself during times of practice and competition when I falter to regain my composure. It may be something as simple to breath or as complex as telling myself to do a backside 1080 degree rotation. Using self-talk methods I will help use short phrases to help achieve my desired outcome of winning the 2012 Winter Olympics. Negative thought: â€Å"I won’t be able to land my last trick with these icy conditions† Countering to positive: â€Å" I’ve landed the same trick in worse conditions and If I’m unable to do so I won’t qualify† Neutral Statement: â€Å" Concentrate on landing every trick in my routine and let the judges worry about the final score† Negative thought: â€Å"If I fail to pass the qualifying round at this competition I won’t make the finals† Countering to positive: â€Å"Don’t worry about qualifying just go out there and complete your run and let the rest handle itself† Neutral Statement: â€Å"If I don’t qualify I have another opportunity at the next competition, if I do qualify my overall ranking will increase† Negative thought: â€Å" The competition in my qualifying group is going to be very hard to beat† Countering to Positive: â€Å"If I beat out my competitors in this group I know for certain I can compete in the finals† Neutral Statement: â€Å"Right now I’m questioning my abilities but I’m in this competition for a reason† Negative thought: â€Å" If I don’t win this competition my bonus check won’t be as much from my endorsements† Countering to positive: â€Å"I can’t wait to take my winnings and go on a vacation away from this snow for a couple days to clear my mind† Neutral Statement: â€Å"The opportunity for winning will present itself again this isn’t your only chance† Negative thought: â€Å"This competition is nationally televised if I wreck my whole family will see me take a fall† Countering to positive: â€Å"Every one of my family members is going to be watching this event and I can feel their support for me† Neutral Statement: â€Å"Even if I do wreck I’m still getting my face on T. V. and there is going to be opportunities to be on camera in the future. I plan to stop the negative self-talk whenever I take a fall instead of saying a swear word directed at myself or I can’t do it. I will tell myself â€Å"You got it† before I attempt a trick confirming to myself you’ve done it before what’s so different about this time. When I’m bracing for the landing I will say to myself â€Å"Stick it† to make sure I nail the landing every time. Gradually I will I begin to use other positive self-talk to encourage myself in competition when I’m riding in competition and practice. After completing the PST program I discovered how much I like the sport psychology field and the psychological training it takes to compete in a sport like snowboarding. Having only been snowboarding for 2 seasons now I’m only in the beginning stages of helping my own PST program to complete tricks and visualize the run ahead of me. I can only imagine the amount of time an elite professional snowboarder takes to prepare themselves before competition through a PST program. This is why I chose snowboarding because of the mental visualization to invent, attempt, and to complete a trick. Every year riders are landing more impossible tricks than the previous years because of the cognitive specific imagery professional snowboarders put into their sport. The sport is so individualized it takes a special kind of trick to win elite competitions and this is why I think sport psychology is undervalued in the pro snowboarding world. Sure I could have chosen a field I had spent many years perfecting such as personal training, or football, but I didn’t feel either had the same psychological skills it takes to carry out a trick routine in competition. I think PST is undervalued in the sport of snowboarding and I would like to continue on to graduate school in the Sport Psychology field because it’s fairly new and there is a need for it considering the mind control one must have to perform the extreme tricks required of a professional snowboarder. Recently I went snowboarding with my brother in Washington and as I was riding the chairlift up the mountain in anticipation for my next run I would visualize myself cruising down the next run hitting every feature on the way performing a trick here and there landing it and continuing on down the mountain. Whether in a leisure setting or in a competition setting the need for a program such as PST in snowboarding is something I think we will begin to see more often. Learning about PST has got my wheels turning looking ahead for future schooling in relationship to the sport psychology field because of my new found interest in it. I think the field is still extremely undeveloped and we will begin to see people emerging in this field in the near future. I hope to be one of these individuals developing in the field of Sport Psychology with the yet to come success of it.